Welcome to The Scheherazade Project!

Scheherazade spun a fanciful new tale each night to amuse the sultan and save her neck.  Clearly, the sultan was a fan of a good story.  Who isn’t?  The trouble is, we don’t always have as much time for stories as we’d like.

The stories here are the style known as “flash fiction,” “short-shorts,” or even “microfiction” (though, those tend to be VERY short), depending on who is defining it.  They’re meant to be like a snapshot rather than the whole photo album.  This gives you the chance to fill in the past and future of the story in your own way.  Often, you will notice a note about the “prompt” for the story.  This might be a word, phrase, or sentence which inspired the story.  It may or may not actually appear in the story.  Sometimes, the prompts are challenges given to me by friends and readers.  Other times, they are simply ideas that occurred to me.  If you have thoughts, questions, or would like to challenge me with a prompt, I’d love to hear from you!

Read on, and I will be your Scheherazade, here to tell you small tales you can enjoy on your break, at lunch, or on the bus or train – stories that fit into your day.

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