My name is Sandra Gordon and I will be your very own Scheherazade on this little jaunt.

I can’t tell you about my amazing experiences while earning my degree in creative writing.  This is because my degree is in general biology.  I formally studied biology, psychology, education, and theology.  Informally, which means “hobbies” in my case, I am studying, or have studied fencing, music (various aspects), drawing, a bit of sculpture, and archery.  I think what this really means is, I have a rather imaginative mind and it has always seemed best to keep it busy and, at least nominally, out of trouble.

So, why The Scheherazade Project?  It comes down to a very simple idea.  I’m here to tell stories.  Lots of stories.  I like to read them and I like to tell them.  If you’ve found me here, it is probably because you like stories as much as I do.  I hope readers will feel comfortable sticking around to discuss stories and even suggest ideas for new tales.  More fun for everyone!