Tale Number Seventy-Six – Scene From a Novel

Scene From a Novel

prompt:  No prompt this time.  This is a short scene from one of my unpublished (for now 😉 ) manuscripts.  Please see the author’s note at the end.


The sound of the door shutting behind her seemed very final as it cut off the few street noises at that hour.  In the sudden, uneasy hush, a scrabbling sound came from a shadowy corner.  Rats.  They came big in buildings like these but she didn’t flinch.  She’d seen too many.  Hell, she’d slept with too many to really care much about them.  Continue reading “Tale Number Seventy-Six – Scene From a Novel”

Memorial Day Hiatus

photo by Rachel Larue (this is public domain but it’s lovely and I wanted to give her credit)


Hello Everyone!

I’ll be on a quick little break over the Memorial Day Weekend but will return to post Tale Number Seventy-Four on Tuesday, May 30.

Have a wonderful weekend.  🙂


Important Author Update! New Posting Schedule (M-W-F) <3

Hello, Readers!

As you see, this is not a story of the sort you have become accustomed to seeing here.  However, I would like to tell you a story of sorts.  So, stay with me for a few minutes.  I promise, you’ll see a regular story tomorrow.  🙂

Over the course of the last three months, I have posted stories of all different genres and styles.  I have to tell you, this has been a complete blast for me.  So.  Much.  Fun.  It has been a challenge to my creativity unlike anything I’ve ever done.  I’m really enjoying myself!  I love the variety of prompts that have been sent to me by readers.  They really have been the biggest challenges of all.  I’m so grateful for that!  I have also posted a few scenes and character studies from a couple of larger writing projects.  I’m very fond of these, as well.  They came from two very different manuscripts in two very different stages of development.  These projects are what I want to talk to you about now. Continue reading “Important Author Update! New Posting Schedule (M-W-F) <3”

Tale Number Fifty-Five – Ran So Far Away

Ran So Far Away

prompt:  a flock of gulls and a garbage dump    Um, I think you ought to read the Author’s Note at the end, folks.   😉


“It’s all about paying our dues, man.  All about the dues.”

“I call total bull shit on your dues, dude.  This is all about a paycheck.”

“No, man.  I mean it.  It’s doing the time to earn the reward,” insisted Bo.  “I’ve been thinking.  We’ve done pretty well and I think we can start adding a couple of our songs toward the end of our last set.”  He gave the other three guys a double thumbs up.  “Because we earned it.” Continue reading “Tale Number Fifty-Five – Ran So Far Away”

Tale Number Fifty-One – Leftovers


prompt:  Please see the Author’s Notes.


When Bart was a kid, he would go through all the cabinets in the house and collect anything that had reached its expiration date or any package that had been nearly emptied.  Whatever he found, he’d haul out to an old shed in the back corner of the large yard which he’d taken over as his own particular Fortress of Solitude.  There, he had created a laboratory patterned after the science labs he’d read about in books and comics.  He had a hand-held magnifying glass, a collection of old canning jars, bowls of all materials, flatware odds and ends, a measuring cup, and a set of measuring spoons.  He had several candles with mirrors propped up behind them for light and one particularly large, three-wick candle that served as his Bunsen burner.  It took time to collect everything, but even at the age of nine, he was a devoted dumpster-diver and what couldn’t be found in the trash could generally be purchased from garage sales and the secondhand shop with a small portion of his weekly allowance. Continue reading “Tale Number Fifty-One – Leftovers”

Tale Number Forty-Nine – Untitled


I thought you might like to see a bit more of what happens after Brigid and Anail meet and talk.  I have another scene with Anail, this time with Brigid’s granddaughter, Melinda, who is the current human Caretaker.  Again, this was written as a small part of the larger story, but without a definite place or time in the action as yet.  Time will tell.  😉


“Why didn’t you say something when I first met you?”

Anail kept his attention focused on the eagle owl chick in his hands, gently probing through the feathers of its wing as he searched for injury.  After several minutes, he returned the tiny puff of feathers to the incubator nest.  Then, he turned his silver gaze on Melinda.  Continue reading “Tale Number Forty-Nine – Untitled”

Tale Number Forty-Eight – Untitled


This is a scene between two characters of a novel-length fantasy with which I have been dancing about.  Brigid is a human but Anail is one of the fae folk.  In her younger days, Brigid was the human liason to the fairy kingdom, a role now played by her granddaughter.  They have been summoned by the fae queen to address a threatened attack against the human race.  In this scene, Brigid sees Anail again for the first time in more than fifty years.


Brigid paused at the far end of the mews, the enclosures partially hiding her.  Anail was moving through the mesh cages, cleaning, adjusting branches, and speaking to the birds as to old friends.  His one-sided conversation made her smile.

“Now then, Thor.  Budge over and let me trim away that dead branch.  Aeryn, you should have finished that mole.  You know I can’t let you hide pieces around your house, willy-nilly.” Continue reading “Tale Number Forty-Eight – Untitled”

Tale Number Forty-Six – Over It

Over It

prompt:  Time flies when you’re having fun.  Please see Author’s Note at the end.


Amanda paused to shift her overloaded messenger bag to the opposite shoulder before picking up her oversized coffee.  She pushed her way through the overcrowded coffee shop and out onto the sidewalk where she was immediately overwhelmed by the traffic noise.

“Over, over, over, over…” she murmured to herself.  “Everything in my life is running over.  I’m overscheduled, overworked, overtired, and frankly, completely over it.” Continue reading “Tale Number Forty-Six – Over It”