As completely crazy as this seems…

Greetings, Readers!

I’m sure this is beginning to sound like an empty promise to you all, but I haven’t given up on The Scheherazade Project, despite appearances.  I will be writing again.  Honest.  🙂

I could never have imagined recovery from the August car accident could take so very long.  I’m still not entirely back on my feet, though that comes closer every day.  Additionally, there have been all sorts of crazy, Real Life, family-related stuff that just added to the chaos around here.

However, it’s a new year (yes, it’s still January so it’s still a new year) and it’s going to be a better year.  Writing will happen again, story-telling will resume.  I’m sorry it has been such a long stretch of silence and I wish I could tell you exactly when the stories will reappear.  I can’t do that just yet and can only assure you they will, eventually, reappear.

In the meantime, be careful out there, my dears, and never miss the opportunity to spend time with the important people in your lives.  I say this because it bears repeating.  Really.



Apologies and Explanations

Hello, everyone!

I’d like to apologize for the abrupt halt in the stories.  Unfortunately, my son and I were involved in a fairly serious car accident on August 2.  I am VERY thankful to report that my son suffered nothing more serious than some bumps and bruises.  I, however, spent the past sixteen days in the hospital and an acute rehab hospital to cope with a badly broken ankle and some broken ribs.

The good news is that there is nothing wrong that will not heal, given time.  I am very glad to be back home and I hope to return to posting stories before too much longer.  Frankly, I still spend quite a bit of time sleeping and there is still a certain amount of brain fog, I think.  😉

Thank  you all for your patience and I’ll see you soon with new stories to tell!



Tale Number Eighty-Nine – The Grass Is Always Greener

The Grass Is Always Greener

Please see the Author’s Note at the end.


Buying her house was a big deal.  It was five years of careful planning and rigid self-control to save enough money for the down payment.  It was very important to Gina that she do it entirely on her own, as well.  Her parents had, of course, offered to help, as did her grandmother.  Gina appreciated it and loved them all for their enthusiasm for her plan, but she refused.  It was going to be her house, every square inch.  Continue reading “Tale Number Eighty-Nine – The Grass Is Always Greener”

Holiday Hiatus


Hi there!  I’ll be on a holiday hiatus to celebrate Independence Day here in the United States.  😀  The Scheherazade Project will resume with Tale Number Eighty-Four on Thursday, July 6.



Memorial Day Hiatus

photo by Rachel Larue (this is public domain but it’s lovely and I wanted to give her credit)


Hello Everyone!

I’ll be on a quick little break over the Memorial Day Weekend but will return to post Tale Number Seventy-Four on Tuesday, May 30.

Have a wonderful weekend.  🙂


Important Author Update! New Posting Schedule (M-W-F) <3

Hello, Readers!

As you see, this is not a story of the sort you have become accustomed to seeing here.  However, I would like to tell you a story of sorts.  So, stay with me for a few minutes.  I promise, you’ll see a regular story tomorrow.  🙂

Over the course of the last three months, I have posted stories of all different genres and styles.  I have to tell you, this has been a complete blast for me.  So.  Much.  Fun.  It has been a challenge to my creativity unlike anything I’ve ever done.  I’m really enjoying myself!  I love the variety of prompts that have been sent to me by readers.  They really have been the biggest challenges of all.  I’m so grateful for that!  I have also posted a few scenes and character studies from a couple of larger writing projects.  I’m very fond of these, as well.  They came from two very different manuscripts in two very different stages of development.  These projects are what I want to talk to you about now. Continue reading “Important Author Update! New Posting Schedule (M-W-F) <3”

Tale Number Thirty-Eight – Hidden Talent

Hidden Talent

prompt:   Where are you?   Also, please see the Author’s Note at the end.


Joey loved playing hide-and-seek.  He was even willing to be “it” if that was what it took to get someone to play with him.  Of course, he preferred to hide than to seek.   This was because he was really and truly a hiding expert.  More often than not, people would give up and have to call, “Olly, olly all in freeeeee” which would bring Joey, giggling, from his hiding place.  Joey’s grandma and grandpa were always willing to play and always willing to be the seekers and Joey loved nothing more than an afternoon of game after game of hide-and-seek all around their house.  Continue reading “Tale Number Thirty-Eight – Hidden Talent”

Tale Number Twenty-Six – Waiting



prompt:  Please see the Author’s Note at the end.


“I hate waiting.”

“Really?  How odd,” said Casey.  She glanced over her shoulder at Ben with a roll of her eyes before returning her attention to the CCTV screens in front of her.

“No, I don’t think you understand me,” Ben replied.  “I.  Hate.  Waiting.”

“I get it,” she said.  “I just.  Don’t.  Care.” Continue reading “Tale Number Twenty-Six – Waiting”