Tale Number Seventy-Three – It’s Time

It’s Time

prompt:  none


“It’s time,” said Nate.  He stood just inside the doorway, his arms crossed over his chest.

“I know.  Give me just a few more minutes,” Beth answered.  “I promise, I’m almost ready.”

“You said that fifteen minutes ago.” Nate said.  He came further into the room and stood beside Beth’s desk.  “Will a few more minutes really make a difference at this point?” Continue reading “Tale Number Seventy-Three – It’s Time”

Tale Number Seventy-Two – It’s Making Me Wait

It’s Making Me Wait

prompt:  No prompt.  But I do want to send my best to all those studying for and sitting their final exams.  Also, my warmest congratulations to this year’s graduates!


It was cute when it was a ketchup ad.  Carly Simon would sing and the waiting kids would drool as they waited for their favorite condiment.  Adorable.

The idea of being in a state of quivering anticipation certainly had some appeal.  Miranda could admit that.  The trouble was, when people pictured that mental state, they imagined a person waiting for something wonderful.  So what, exactly, might one say about the nervous, trembling period of waiting that she was currently experiencing?  Miranda simply didn’t know.  What she did know was that it was awful. Continue reading “Tale Number Seventy-Two – It’s Making Me Wait”

Tale Number Seventy-One – Beside the Still Waters

Beside the Still Waters

prompt:  beside the still waters


They stood before the painting, absorbed in the soft colors spread across the canvas.

“What a beautiful representation of Psalm Twenty-Three,” said Tim.  “I’ve been so used to the image of the shepherd and the sheep, seeing this different part of the scripture makes it all so fresh and new in my mind.”

“That’s a nice thought,” Brenda answered.  “I never even thought of that psalm, though.” Continue reading “Tale Number Seventy-One – Beside the Still Waters”

Tale Number Sixty-Seven – The Standard By Which a Man Is Measured

The Standard By Which a Man Is Measured

prompt:  historical fiction/a general/a walk in a forest

Please note:  If you missed yesterday’s post, please note that I have altered my posting schedule to Monday/Wednesday/Friday.  🙂


The shade was welcome after the glare of the open fields.  It was quiet as well, and the silence was as welcome as the cool dimness.  The clash of blades, the thunder of cannon, and the harsh shouts of hundreds of men had left their ears ringing.  Fighting to protect the interests of the Church from the encroaching Venetians was a holy cause, but in the blighted Umbrian fields around Terni, it sounded like the screams of Hell.  Here, however, the only sounds were the muffled clomps of the horses’ hooves on the mulchy forest floor, the creak of the harnesses, and the heavy breathing of three dozen tired men.  There wasn’t even birdsong since all the birds, even the collared doves, had hushed as they passed. Continue reading “Tale Number Sixty-Seven – The Standard By Which a Man Is Measured”

Important Author Update! New Posting Schedule (M-W-F) <3

Hello, Readers!

As you see, this is not a story of the sort you have become accustomed to seeing here.  However, I would like to tell you a story of sorts.  So, stay with me for a few minutes.  I promise, you’ll see a regular story tomorrow.  🙂

Over the course of the last three months, I have posted stories of all different genres and styles.  I have to tell you, this has been a complete blast for me.  So.  Much.  Fun.  It has been a challenge to my creativity unlike anything I’ve ever done.  I’m really enjoying myself!  I love the variety of prompts that have been sent to me by readers.  They really have been the biggest challenges of all.  I’m so grateful for that!  I have also posted a few scenes and character studies from a couple of larger writing projects.  I’m very fond of these, as well.  They came from two very different manuscripts in two very different stages of development.  These projects are what I want to talk to you about now. Continue reading “Important Author Update! New Posting Schedule (M-W-F) <3”

Tale Number Sixty-Six – In the End

In the End

prompt:  the end


“Time flies when you’re having fun.”

Gage cringed.  He hated that old saying.  It had to be, hands down, the most obnoxiously smug thing he’d ever heard.  He noticed it was never, ever said by anyone who was having any of the fun.  Generally, it dribbled out of the smirking mouth of someone who was a perfect killjoy.  This instance was certainly an excellent example, he thought, as he looked over at the speaker.  It just figured it would be Howard.  Gage rolled his eyes when he realized Howard was still talking. Continue reading “Tale Number Sixty-Six – In the End”

Tale Number Sixty-Five – With Me Forever

With Me Forever

prompt:  horror/an attic/a violin


Inspector Juste Dupreux opened the heavy door and entered.  The attic, high and open from one end of the house to the other, was lit by the pale winter sun coming in the two large dormer windows in the southern face.  The purpose of the space was evident, despite the dust and chill.  A large worktable stood in the center of the room, a heavy work light strung from the joist above.  It was cluttered with clamps, wood blocks, stained rags, and aging pots of glue and varnish.  Around the edges of the room stood cabinets and shelves holding a collection of violins in various states of repair or construction.  Bins of different wood occupied one of the dormers.  The second dormer held a smaller workbench and stool, clearly arranged for finer, more exacting craftsmanship.  Next to this workbench, occupying a place of obvious importance, sat a glass case containing a remarkable violin. Continue reading “Tale Number Sixty-Five – With Me Forever”