Tale Number Six – “Moon Rise on Gamma Nine”

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Moon Rise on Gamma Nine


prompt:  none


“If we don’t deal with the increase in magnetronic isotopes, it won’t matter if you get that engine running.  We’ll all be crispy fried, anyway.” Continue reading “Tale Number Six – “Moon Rise on Gamma Nine””

Tale Number One – The Knock

Hi there!  Since this is the very first story in The Scheherazade Project, please bear with me while I handle a couple of details.

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These stories are the style known as “flash fiction,” “short-shorts,” or even “microfiction” (though, those tend to be VERY short), depending on who is defining it.  They’re meant to be like a snapshot rather than the whole photo album.  This gives you the chance to fill in the past and future of the story in your own way.  I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please comment on the story posts.

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The Knock

prompt: knock Continue reading “Tale Number One – The Knock”