Tale Number Seventy-Four – This Is Goodbye

This Is Goodbye

prompt:  this is goodbye


This was it.  She was really going to do it this time.  Those other four times were just, well, practice.  This one.  This one was the real time.  Amanda nodded firmly, gripped the strap of her backpack a little tighter, and lifted her chin.  She pushed open the door and charged into the building as if she owned the place.  Her abrupt arrival may have startled the woman at the reception desk, but she gave no sign of it.  Instead, she smiled broadly as Amanda approached.

“Hello!  Welcome to Beauty by Rhona.  How can I help you?”

“Hi, my name is Amanda Strong, I have an appointment for 2:45,” Amanda said.  She pasted on a smile that she hoped displayed confidence.  As a new client, she knew she was likely to be assigned to their least experienced stylist.  With luck, she could appear sufficiently poised to rate only their second least experienced person.

“Of course,” the receptionist replied.  “I have you scheduled with Delilah.  Please have a seat and I’ll let her know you’ve arrived.  Can I get you something to drink?”

Amanda gave her a smiling negative and took a seat.  To give her hands something to do, she picked up one of the array of fashion magazines spread out on the low table beside her.  She flipped through the pages, noting the hair styles of each model.  Unfortunately, they offered her no help at all.  For every woman sporting a pixie, bob, or some other cute, short style, there was another luxuriating in long, wavy tresses.

She flipped her own heavy braid over her shoulder and examined it.  If she was being honest, she had to admit that the color was rather nice.  Rich, chestnut brown, her hair had a few red highlights that tended to be more prominent in the summer.  It was also very thick with just a bit of natural wave.  This was a mixed blessing at best.  That wave became frizz in humid weather and that braid of hers was flat out heavy.

“Amanda?”  A young woman in a black smock stood before her.  “Hi, I’m Stacy.  Let’s get you back for a nice shampoo and then Delilah will be ready for you.”

Stacy expertly massaged Amanda’s scalp as she shampooed the mass of hair.

“Amanda, you have gorgeous hair,” she said.  “It’s so healthy.  Just beautiful.  Are you in for a trim?”

“No,” answered Amanda.  She gulped a little.  “Actually, I’m in for a cut.”  She laughed nervously.  “More like a shearing, I guess.”

Stacy’s eyes grew wide and excited.  “Really?  Oh, that’s exciting!  How much were you considering?”  She helped Amada sit up and began gently toweling her hair.

“I have a picture in my bag,” said Amanda.  “I was picturing something pretty short.  Kind of a chin-length bob.”

“Yes,” Stacy nodded eagerly, as she combed out all the tangles.  “You have enough natural wave that it would be just too cute!”

Amanda smiled.  “You think?  I haven’t cut my hair since I started high school.  I’m pretty nervous.”

“Class reunion?” Stacy asked.  “Well, a great new style does wonders for your confidence.”  She smiled and motioned for Amanda to follow her.  “Come on.  We’ll get you over to Delilah.  She’ll take good care of you.  She’s got a great eye for shape.  You’re in good hands.”

Seated in the stylist’s chair, Amanda stared at her reflection.  Her wet, waist-length hair completely covered her torso.  Amanda smiled and nodded her head.

“Yep,” she said.  “A great new style will do wonders.”  She turned her head from side to side, getting one good, last look.

“Hi, Amanda,” said a tall, blonde woman beside her.  “I’m Delilah.  What are we going to be doing today?”

“It’s time for a cut,” she answered.  “And I mean a cut.”  She pulled out the picture from her bag.  “Maybe something like this?  Chin-length?”

Delilah nodded and grinned.  “It would be epic,” she announced.  “Really cute with the wave you have in your hair.  But, are you sure you’re ready to cut off so much?  It’s a huge change.”

“I’m ready,” said Amanda.  “I’ve been carrying this hair around for more than ten years.  I’m totally ready.”  She fingered a damp strand.  “This is goodbye.”


Author’s Note:  The posting schedule is going to change again, folks.  🙂  I really just need a little more time for the other writing projects.  So, for the summer (I’ll re-evaluate in the fall), I’m going to a twice weekly, Tuesday/Thursday posting schedule.  Thank you for understanding!  <3


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