Important Author Update! New Posting Schedule (M-W-F) <3

Hello, Readers!

As you see, this is not a story of the sort you have become accustomed to seeing here.  However, I would like to tell you a story of sorts.  So, stay with me for a few minutes.  I promise, you’ll see a regular story tomorrow.  🙂

Over the course of the last three months, I have posted stories of all different genres and styles.  I have to tell you, this has been a complete blast for me.  So.  Much.  Fun.  It has been a challenge to my creativity unlike anything I’ve ever done.  I’m really enjoying myself!  I love the variety of prompts that have been sent to me by readers.  They really have been the biggest challenges of all.  I’m so grateful for that!  I have also posted a few scenes and character studies from a couple of larger writing projects.  I’m very fond of these, as well.  They came from two very different manuscripts in two very different stages of development.  These projects are what I want to talk to you about now.

My first manuscript is, for the purpose of discussion, complete.  That is, the story is fully written, but it is not fully edited, not by a long shot.  I have a number of things I’d like to do to this manuscript before I send it out into the world to make friends and influence people.  This particular story is a contemporary murder mystery and while I am very pleased with much of it, there are some critical elements that just are not making me want to jump up and bust a move.

As a side note, should I ever feel the need to jump up and bust a move, I promise I will not make and post a video of the event.  You’re welcome.

The second manuscript is not at all complete.  It is fully outlined, characters are pretty well mapped out, and I have a pretty solid idea of where everything is going to go.  I just need to put it all into pretty words.  This one is a contemporary fantasy and I’m finding it an enormous challenge.  I love my characters, but I have never worked with such a headstrong group as this.  They are really wanting to do it all their way, my outline be damned.  So.

For the past three months, I’ve dealt with my manuscript issues by diving wholeheartedly into flash fiction stories for The Scheherazade Project.  However, my large project characters are growing impatient and I think I’m going to have to give them some love and attention pretty soon, lest they resort to all-out mutiny.

What does this mean?  Well, it means I am going to shift my posting schedule here at The Project just a bit.  Effective this week, I will be posting new stories on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays instead of my previous every weekday schedule.  I hope this won’t be an inconvenience or disappointment to anyone.  By reducing my stories from five per week to three per week, I hope to have more time to work on my manuscripts and, if all goes as I most sincerely hope, one day in the not too ridiculously distant future, I’ll be able to tell you where and how to get copies of my larger projects.

As a bonus, it will undoubtedly mean I’ll have more scenes and character studies to show you here.  When I do post snippets from my larger projects, I’ll be sure to let you know that is what they are.  I hope you’ll send me your thoughts as that will certainly help me shape the stories more effectively.

I do thank you for your understanding and promise that I’ll be back with a new story bright and early tomorrow, Wednesday, May 10.


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