Tale Number Six – “Moon Rise on Gamma Nine”

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Moon Rise on Gamma Nine


prompt:  none


“If we don’t deal with the increase in magnetronic isotopes, it won’t matter if you get that engine running.  We’ll all be crispy fried, anyway.”

“Without the engine, how do you propose to power the rest of the equipment on this bucket of space junk?  If you want the field generators online to disperse the isotopes, I have to get the engine going.  Now, go talk to Lieutenant Bozrak or something and let me work.”

Kevin minimized the window and leaned back in his chair.  He’d been working on the Gamma Nine RPG for several hours now and his eyes were starting to burn.  The dining hall closed an hour ago but he could still get a burger or something at the student grill.   Wait.  Maybe not.  He was broke until his weekly allowance check came from his dad.  Damn.  He knew there was a reason he should have gone to the dorm dining hall.  If his mom knew he used only about half of the credits on his meal plan, she’d start shitting bricks.

He stood and stretched, scratching various spots as he examined the contents of his tiny fridge.  How old was that pizza?  Couldn’t be more than a week or so.  Of course, if it was growing anything, he wouldn’t be able to tell with all the stuff that was piled on it.  Besides, microwaves should kill anything.

Or mutate it.  Hey, that would be an awesome thing for Gamma Nine.

After burning his tongue on the pizza and cooling it with the partial bottle of water from the back of the fridge, Kevin flopped back into his chair at the desk.  The guys were building this huge scenario on how to use the field generators to reduce the “magnetronic isotopes” that guy dropped in earlier.  What was his screen name again?  Admiral_Riker, he called himself.  Geez.  As if Riker would ever get to be an admiral when Picard wasn’t.  Well, the Admiral was still a newbie and Kevin did try to give the newbies a chance to learn the ropes before flaming them out of the game.  Most did fine once they learned the hierarchy of the players.  Gamma Nine was Kevin’s game and there were a select few who were allowed to introduce major plot points without clearing them with him.  Admiral_Riker wasn’t one of them.  He wasn’t a quick learner, either.  Well, it was time to nip this in the bud.  He pulled himself up to the keyboard.

“Okay, so I’ve got the engine going again but there won’t be enough power to disperse the isotopes, anyway.  We’re going to have to just make a run for it.  I’ve got enough juice for force fields until we’re out of the cloud.”

There.  That ought to put the brakes on that stupid idea.  Admiral Riker.  What a tool.

“We can’t just make a run for it.  We made this mess and if those particles aren’t dispersed, it’ll wipe out any chance for the planets in this sector to ever grow another decent crop.  We have to take the chance.”

Kevin opened an IM window with a snort.  This newbie needed some schooling and for that, he’d need some help.

“Walt, dude,” he typed, “Time to get rid of this guy, man.  He just doesn’t get it.”

Several minutes went by without a reply.  Kevin double checked his contact list.  Yes, it showed Lunar_Rover was online.  Where the hell was Walt?

“Walt, wtf?  Come on.  We’ve got to scrub this newbie.”

Another five minutes passed before a reply popped up.

“Give the dude a chance, Kev.”

“What?  So not.  He’s f-ing up the whole episode.”

“He’s learning.  I’ll talk to him.”

“You KNOW this tool?”

“Yeah.  Lemme talk to him before you flame.”

Kevin thought about that for a minute.  He had a sneaking suspicion that someone was trying to pull a fast one with his board.  Walt had never stuck up for a douchebag newbie before.  Something clicked and Kevin lunged at the keys.

“Walt, tell me this dude isn’t a chick.”

He waited several minutes but there was no reply.  He glanced back at the Gamma Nine window.  Walt’s character was trying to reason with everyone to get them to drop the stupid isotope thing and just move the hell along.

“Walt, I mean it, man.  This is a chick you know, isn’t it?  You let her in to impress her or something didn’t you?”

“Okay, yeah.  I did.  But Kev, this is Ramona.  The Ramona.  I told you about her.  Don’t mess it up for me, okay?”

Kevin leaned back in his chair again.  Hell.  Walt always had his back with this board.  He’d have to go along with him on this.

“Okay, okay.  Keep your panties on.  Talk to her.”

From now on, Kevin thought, there’d have to be rules about dating other RPGers.  Gamma Nine was a military society and they couldn’t have fraternizing within the ranks.

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