Tale Number Four – Going Strapless

Going Strapless

prompt:  see postscript

“I can’t decide.  I love the color but I’m not so sure about the heel.”
Grace rolled her eyes but said nothing.
“Oh, and what about the straps?”  Amy turned before the mirror.  “Do the straps make my ankles look fat?”
“Your ankles aren’t fat.”
“I know, but do they look fat?”
“I don’t think anyone will be looking at your ankles.”
Amy flopped into the chair across from Grace.  “They might.  I heard that guy from the L.A. office is a leg man.”
“Clearly, an important consideration.”  Grace flipped a page of her
magazine without looking up.
“I really want this account.”
This time, Grace did meet Amy’s gaze.  “How long have you been with the firm?  Four years?  Your closet must be stuffed full of slutty shoes by now.”
“What is that supposed to mean?”
“Amy, are you good at your job or are you good at tits and ass?  Why do you think they keep you around the office?”
“That’s not fair.  You know it‘s harder for women.”
“Cut the crap.  It might have been harder for you to get your job in the first place.  It might even have been harder to keep it for the first year or so.  But you know damn well that isn’t important now.  Quit making it an issue.  Have some dignity.”
Grace went back to her magazine and Amy sat contemplating.
“So, are you saying you don’t like the straps?”



Postscript:  Okay, so this story didn’t have a prompt, per se.  In this case, I was challenged to write a story that was predominantly dialog, involving two characters.  Oh, and it had to be 250 words or less.  😉

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